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2024’s Tail-Wagging Trends: What to Keep an Eye On

As we ring in the new year, we’re taking a look at what’s ahead in the joyful world of pet ownership for both dog owners and enthusiasts alike. Looking for a guide? Great, we did all the heavy lifting for you! Read on to delve into the top dog trends to watch in the upcoming year from fashion-forward pet accessories to cutting edge health and wellness innovations. We’re dishing out what’s on the horizon for dogs and their owners in 2024.

Embracing the Outdoors Safely with Your Furry Companions

Tune into your news, and you’ll hear about extreme weather. But in 2024, don’t let it stop outdoor fun with your pets. We’ve got innovative solutions to keep them cozy and secure. Here are a couple of our favorites.

Upgrading to Eco-Friendly Smart Home & Tech Integration for Dogs

You share your home with your fur babies, why not design your home and gadgets around them too? From aesthetically pleasing sustainable pee pads to fur-resistant fabrics, and new tech innovations, we’ve got some tips and tricks to maximize your life at home.

  • Tractive Dog GPS Tracker with Activity Monitoring. This GPS pet tracker allows you to locate your pet in real time with a saved location history. Create a virtual fence to mark safe zones and get notified when your pup wanders away, while tracking all day physical activity.
  • Washable Pee Pads for Dogs. Pupiboo makes fully water-proof and washable pee-pads with unique designs that look just like mini rugs while reducing your environmental impact.
  • Smart Automatic Feeder. Stay in control of portion sizes effortlessly by making use of an automatic pet feeder equipped with a backup battery connection and a user-friendly mobile app, making mealtime for your beloved pet more convenient than ever.

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